What is DOM

In order to ensure the normal operation and interaction of various roles and links in the DOM Chain, DOM was born.

DOM is the only global token of DOM Chain. DOM can be applied in multiple scenarios under DOM Chain, such as DP freedom social network, dp-ipfs file storage, DPTOKEN assets, etc. DOM is an important hub of dplatform ecosystem support. Holders enjoy the corresponding benefits of the whole ecosystem. Dplatform distributes most of the income to DOM holders. With the development of ecology, DOM holders will share the rights and interests of community governance and node voting.

Revolutionary D-Platform technology community

A new D-Platform technology community can be built in one hour from conception to release of a DAPP.


    D-Platform Development history

  • 2017

    Layout of blockchain
  • 2018

    Internal test of freedom beta
  • 2019

    Freedom for public testing
  • 2020

    Freedom official version 1.0 launched DOM Chain starts testing
  • 2021

    DOM Chain mainnet officially launched Freedom opens mall and nearby business plate
  • 2022

    Freedom official version 2.0 launched Decentralized wallet Online Decentralized storage network starts testing
  • 2023

    Freedom official version 3.0 launched Decentralized storage network officially launched DOM to be listed on major exchanges。

DP-Freedom social platform

Freedom solves privacy and security problems through decentralization and encryption technology, which is the basis of developing secret chat and social privacy.

Account full chain pass encryption system

1. Freedom supports global cell phone number and email mode. Receive authentication verification code.

2. Freedom supports the setting of avatars and nicknames.

3. The Freedom account supports full platform login, i.e. encrypted account registration.

Peer to peer encrypted communication

1. Freedom uses end-to-end military IP protocol encryption

2. Freedom doesn't leave a trace on the centralized server

3. Freedom's burn after reading timer mechanism. Private message cannot be forwarded

4. One click to call a friend's phone in the address book is as convenient as Facebook.

Social management mode of blockchain

1. New members of Freedom can see the complete message record

2. Messages deleted by Freedom will disappear from all devices

3. Freedom administrators can top important messages

4. The creator can set an open link for the group

Blockchain message channel

1. Freedom has the function similar public account, which can broadcast messages, notifications, view the number of readers reading messages, etc.

2. Freedom can choose to create private or public channels.

3. Freedom's public channel can be set to be found by search, and anyone can join their open source community and view open source public information.

Freedom information storage and collection

1. With the most advanced cloud storage technology in the world, Freedom can save the forwarded messages to the favorites for encrypted storage.

2. Freedom supports accessing this chat from any device and using the search function can quickly find things.

3. Freedom supports viewing recent voice calls

Security and privacy of Freedom system platform

1. The blacklist function of Freedom. People who are added to the blacklist will not be able to send you messages or add you to the group.

2. Freedom can set the last online time, which can be visible to everyone or friends or not disclosed.

3. With the encryption group function of Freedom, you can precisely limit who can invite you to join the group and channel.

Ecosystem improvement

Based on the blockchain technology, the D-Platform integrates various blocks into the platform to achieve the optimization of platform operation.

Transaction security

A large number of cryptography related algorithms are used to ensure the security of D-Platform decentralized high-speed encryption network.

Multi technology community

A new ecological community, the community is completely independent and autonomous.

User quick response service

Users interact through the distributed social media platform, which can be used for the encrypted digital token of transactions.

High level security algorithm

SM2 algorithm is used to generate user key pair, and Shamir threshold scheme is used to generate secret sharing key.


DPTOKEN design adopts the world's leading federal blockchain cryptography algorithm, and constructs a rigorous technical model and framework to complete the encryption security on this blockchain.




DPTOKEN security system

DPTOKEN design adopts the world's leading federal blockchain cryptography algorithm, and constructs a rigorous technical model and framework to complete the encryption security on this blockchain. Based on the modified version of the US Federal blockchain cryptography algorithms SM2, SM3 and SM4, the most important function of the blockchain security wallet is realized.

DPTOKEN ecological security wallet system function

DPTOKEN uses SM2 algorithm to generate user key pair, then uses Shamir threshold scheme to generate secret sharing key, and uses SM3 password hash algorithm to generate wallet address through user public key.

Advantages of D-Platform ecological security Wallet

The blockchain security wallet independently developed by DPTOKEN is rebuilt by the technical team of d-platform community after rebuilding the security framework. On the blockchain based on the US Federal blockchain cryptography algorithm, the main functions of the wallet, especially the new block technical service guarantee of the security system, are realized. Users can use wallets to trade with each other, generate and manage their own keys, and view blockchain ledgers in any blockchain network in the whole d-platform ecosystem. DPTOKEN's wallet technology team uses a lot of cryptography related algorithms to ensure the security of a decentralized network. The implementation of the wallet makes it possible for the US Federal blockchain cryptography algorithm to be applied to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


The cornerstone of next generation communication protocol, the most advanced secure network storage

Dp-ipfs (d-platform inter Planning File System), namely, d-platform decentralized interstellar file system, is a global, point-to-point decentralized distributed encryption file system.

DP-IPFS decentralized interstellar file system coupling block chain, using IPFS file transfer protocol to build a distributed file storage network, users can store files on the IPFS network, its storage mode is distributed. IPFS removes redundant storage from the whole network, which will greatly save network storage space, so the future IPFS storage will become very cheap. Because all access will be distributed to different nodes, it has the ability to resist DDOS attacks, making the network more secure and data more secure.

Dp-ipfs's unique decentralized interstellar file system security network storage features include:

1. Permanent, decentralized storage and sharing of files

2. Peer to peer hypermedia, P2P saves all kinds of data.

3. Versioning, traceable document modification history, GI version control technology.

4. The content is addressable, and the file is identified by generating a unique hash value from the file content.



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    Special favorite communication application, especially good privacy, text message chat can be encrypted, voice message chat can be encrypted, voice call can also be encrypted, even video chat can also be encrypted, all mainstream chat functions can be encrypted.

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