World leading
Decentralized encrypted social platform

Social networks
Users through distributed
Social media platform for interaction
Purchase and sale of goods based on the platform
Payment services
Online and offline shopping with safe and reliable platform pass
Encryption pass
Digital token available for transaction
The platform will support payment in more mainstream currencies
Blockchain point-to-point encrypted communication
Freedom uses end-to-end US military IP protocol encryption. No trace will be left on the centralized server. Freedom's burn after reading timer mechanism, private messages are not allowed to be forwarded
Advanced blockchain social mode
The new members of Freedom can see the complete message record. The deleted messages will disappear from all devices. The administrator can set the top important messages, and the creator can set the public link for the group
Freedom information storage and collection
With the most advanced cloud storage technology in the world, Freedom can save the forwarded messages to the favorites for encrypted storage. Support recent call record view and default deletion
Security and privacy of Freedom system
Freedom can be set to be visible to everyone or friends. With the encryption group function of Freedom, users can precisely limit who can invite you to join the group and channel